images for the existentialism web ring

these are the options you have so you can customize your ring link to fit with your page.

I you want to make one youself instead of using these,I would be glad to post it here with proper credits,so do not be shy.

In case you change your image,you have to change the link to it,and you can choose to upload it to your server or make a link here.If your html is weak,then e-mail me and I will do it for you for a nice existential sentence,or free if you don't have one,but then I would ask why should you wanna be in the ring.Ok,it doesn't matter whatya do with the images as long as you feel confortable with them.I decided to do this when I realized how bad my page looked when I subscribed to rings and have to put their image here.So,you can choose,not to loose the existentialist touch.And if you don't like the images and you don't do one yourself,well,that's a choice too.


anyhow,you have to make the path to where the image is located,if it is in your server cuz you put it there,or in this address:if not,you won't have the images loaded.

the full address would be being the image the one you chose.This seems to be obvious until you do it.Please I you have space,upload it to your server,and if not,that's ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see ya!!!!

This is exisring.gif leave your code as it is cuz this was the former



now this is a better one,but still too personal.nice effect,but confusing...Is name:exisring2.gif

still don't like anyone?wait!!!!



now this is has some james bond fifties film attitude.this represents the best years of existentialism,and although the colors match perfecly with my page,they are rather universal and I consider them warm and weird...some pop art influence,because I have been into warhol this days.It is my favourite.exisring3.gif is its definition


for a more conservative look,a yellow press title,to remind you of the twenties decade mob trying to become informed.I like it,but your page has to be rather black and white to make it work.exisring4.gif for you to know.

this psichedlic artwork is an emboss enchanced version of the first big capital cicle.It is nice,not very harassing,rather quiet,nice colors,dunno,I would use it on a quiet not black background page,but as far as I know every member of the ring has a black or dark background.hmmm,well you choose name:exisring5.gif


this is a serious and nice demonstration of achademical intelligence.

If this is one is your half orange,then you have to change the code,because its dimentions are not the same as the others.What you have to do:

change the image name to exisring6.gif and width:192 height:70


and the last but not least:::::::::: (this is to make you be expectating)

a plain nominational can use it,but it is rather boring,of course it always depend on your style.existring7.gif is the name of this the changes would be:height:70 width:192


I will do more but later.

Now you know you can make your image,and please send feed back cuz I love mail,not spam,and I love to talk and if I sometimes do not answer,that's because I don't have enough time.

Mail me for help ,questions,etc,and do not forget to subscribe to the mailing lists and all.

See ya folks!!!

Indira Montoya

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