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Indira Montoya
October 15th, 1975 - Argentina

Current Occupation:
Jobless/Homeless/Lifeless/Ultimate Boredom
I've worked as a programmer designer and producer
Sites/intranets/cd-rom as Roche, Johnson and Johnson, Perez Companq, Dupont, Western Union (1999/2001)
Programming skills: (thanks carlos kerman)
Asp, Visual Basic (Microsoft Certified), javascript, php3, perl/cgi, vbscript, sql and almost every tool for web site/cd-rom building.
mise en scene of Ionesco's Macbêtte directed by Jorge Lavelli (1993).
Opera script translation from russian to spanish of Shostakovich's Lady Macbeth of Mtzensk (1999-2000) conducted by Rostropovich, regie Sergio Renan / Multimedia Sergio Rosemblat (I did some multimedia work for that too).
Spanish, French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, ancient Greek, some modern Greek, Latin, some Netherlands, some Arab, some Russian.
studied violin in Argentina, Germany and Italy, (until 1988) also piano and cello
Other stuff:
- Self-taught new media designer (1997-now)
- Freelance photographer (1996-now)
- Classic cars restoration . (bodywork, paintwork, engine, electricity) (1995-1997)
Cars I've worked at:

1945 Willys Jeep MB
1951 VW Beetle
1929 Chrysler (we bought this in exchange for a TV)
1930 Hupmobile
1936 Mercedes Benz 170 V
House building:
I can build a house from scratch, I was taught the basics by my father who was an engineer, and Ricardo, but there are things that are way too hard for me.
raised catholic, turned to be an atheist, went back to agnosticism only to return to atheism again (that happened like 8 times from 1986 to 2000)
Law (but quit)
Philosophy (quit)
Design (quit)
Music (quit)

that's it.
Mental health Diagnose:
Except for schizophrenia, almost all the others.
get married and have like 5 children. no..
1) quit smoking
2) redeem myself
3) learn to ride a bicycle (yeah, I know it might be too late already)

My mother (philosopher) (hmm) made me read Augustine when I was eight (high hopes I guess)
I was an atheist existentialist I think since all my life.

Music I like:
classical, wagner, schubert, hindemith, schoemberg, bossa nova, Pink Floyd and Zeppelin
I'm not looking for: husband, boyfriend, cyber love, cyber sex, I don't look good, I don't have a great body, I don't understand a damn thing about anything, I don't care about people's feelings, problems, anguish, desperation and the like.



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