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Near-death Experiences

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Posted by Jahsol on Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 22:20:01 :

Yesterday night, i was talking to a friend at a Wendy's booth when i (well, she did actually) became aware that i was in a sudden trance--a daze of sorts which involved me staring into the fullness of the air around me without really focusing on anything physical. I sensed an almost channeling experience where I didn't want the flow of information to cease. This lasted what i estimate to be five seconds of 'reality time'. this is what popped into my head:

I first thought of my most vivid near-death experiences. That sudden flush of brain activity that leads to a frame-skip of sorts in our perceived reality. This leads me to believe that this is that 'white light' that people claim to see when experiencing death, or 'surviving' death. It is merely a missed frame of conscious life which we are unable to perceive, as this is the transition -- from life, to death. Whether this stems from our natural fear of being able to accept that transition or if we just are not allowed to view that is still beyond me.

Anyway, the question arose: Are our near-death experiences not real? Real as in, have we died and not known it. Are near-death experiences death in disguise? Is that sudden flash or skip in reality really a transgression to death and our mental ability to 'survive' this experience just our twisted way of reassuring ourselves we're not dead. We go on 'living' split seconds after the experience, in an afterworld. The present. I don't believe it's some underworld and we're all monsters and zombies or anything...just that we've all been subject to multiple deaths in our lifetimes and we find some way to move on. In our waking state, and while asleep.

As we all know...ignorance is bliss

I bet this has been discussed at great length somewhere, somehow. Personally, I've never heard of such an idea--which struck me as even more of a surprise. I didn't ask to think about it, it felt as if it was being spoken by someone next to me. Any similarities to any theories or books that propose the same question? I've been looking for a good philosophy forum all day in order to receive to live input and help on this. looks like i found one. thanks.

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