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The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.Camus
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war on saddam

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Posted by lateeftheblunt on Thursday, March 27, 2003 at 10:59:56 :

This poem is dedicated to those who hold honesty and dignity above everything else


Lie Machines have started again
As if they'd ever stopped
But with a new vigour now
Great Satan and hypocrites attack Islam
This time
Crusade continues with Iraq
Lie Machines rushed to help Great Satan
By demonising Saddam
They are at great pain not to let anybody
to think yesterday
When Saddam was a "good" ally
A bulwark against revolutionary Iran.
The task of Lie Machines not only be imaginative with lies
But more importantly blend it with some truths
"A journalistic trivia"
And fix the minds to the moment.
Determine the questions and possibilities.
Manipulate discourses
And set the limit of thinking
Only then Great Lie Machines can successfully
Stupefy audiences.
Of course some are already willing
Some just donít care
Lie Machines biggest contribution there.

Thatís how Lie Machines started the war
With captions like "war on Saddam"
"war on weapons of mass destruction"
ironically "embedded"
wellÖ not really ironically
but naturally
with the forces of Great Satan who has more weapons of mass destruction
than the whole world put together.
It is a challenge for Lie Machines to cover up such things
But it is not difficult
They are the master of after all
Creative Art
They can package shit and sell as medicine
Thatís how they create creatures from fairy tales
Such as "international community"
"justice", "democracy", "freedom"
and so on

while this goes on
on the other hand
some creatures, unknown whether human or not
yet call themselves muslims
are frenetically busy
with fabricating excuses
"well I say excuses, you know what I mean
they can even rival Lie Machines.
But funny thing is
Lie Machines mass-produce lies for the consumption of others
but these wankers produce it for their own consumption"
For not supporting Iraq
against Great Satan
they must be "shocked and awed" by the power
of Satan
much more imagined than the real
these creatures, called muslims, unaware that
power of Satan emanates from
their stupidity
their division
their pathetic habits
their disgustingly shallow personalities
and because
they not only sell their iman and principles
but also even their dignity
for some comfort
how ever short it lasts it doesnít matter
they are like kids
easy to be deceived
ready and willing to be deceived
especially by Great Satan
what they really need is a good excuse
to satisfy their minute conscience
and protect their inflated egos against each other

conditions are optimal for Lie Machines
willing Masochist idiots
and Sadistic Great Satan
The list goes on
Guardian, Times of several kinds, Posts of several kinds
The list goes on
The Lie Machines invade
The minds of unsuspecting creatures
Especially muslims
If they have any.
Since they are like sheep
Who are addicted to licking the arse of Great Satan as rock salt
And lost in the steppes
But unaware
Yet happy
Sheep think that they would deceive
By not doing anything
So they graze continuously.
Predators look their future meat and their mouth gets watery.
When they get hungry
They catch one sheep and let others run away
As if they are so generous
For a while.
The most ferocious predator the Great Satan
Employs a warden
"Secretary General" in UN who try to sweet-talk sheep
not to run away from the boundaries of this steppe
individually or in groups
when some say
why donít we ourselves become predators
then everybody from warden to Lie Machines resume their job
how bad a creature s/he is
how terrible monster s/he is
ignoring the fact that s/he is only a sheep who not aspires but just
thinks about to be predator maybe not like Great Satan
but at least a predator.

This is what has happened to Iraq
As a sheep her/his time has come
All the posturing as defiant to Great Satan
Is false
Because Iraq has always been a sheep
Raised by Britain
S/he cannot transform her/himself to predators
Unless s/he has guts to do that
Yet so far s/he has got only posture
But this posture is enough for Lie Machines to portray her/him
As a predator
With so many adjectives
"uncivilised", "barbaric", "horrifying" and the rest of the praises
it doesnít matter how hollow-ed they are any more
if accompanied by power
they brilliantly hide Satan's main objectives.
So everybody happy
Great Satan gets the prey without any suspicion
Saddam plays being a predator
And Lie Machines practise "truth telling"
By being patriotic.
Other sheep?
Well they are ruminating the lies
They have just seen
On the screen.

23 03 2003 (revised, 26 03 03)

by lateef the blunt

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