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The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.Camus
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Posted by lateeftheblunt on Thursday, March 27, 2003 at 10:58:59 :

This poem is dedicated to those who hold honesty and dignity above everything else.


Whore house called UN in crisis, so
Management quite despondent
Annan the wanker and his acolytes moaning
Concerned about the house
If it goes bankrupt
Raised as housekeeper
And a licker
What can he do?
As a diplomat
How can he bullshit
How can he says nothing with saying so many things
And visa-versa
But always siding with the Satan & co. despite all the bullshit on justice
And peace
How can he flutter the owners
And gets some pat on the back
Which he feels honoured

A few partner-bosses-rapists who own the house
Obviously some more equal than others
Are in quarrel
This time fight seems real
Not as in old times when one boss pretends to protect
Some whores
As if he really cared other than just use her and leave to others
From whom the whore had been taking refuge in the first place.
But bosses would make sometimes gestures to each other in such case
Always good-will gestures
Even though it doesn’t seem so.
When they made gestures
Annan the wanker would get busy with invoking the Charter of the whore house
And the boss would wink to whores, smirking to their dismay
A big challenge for the whore
Because she would have to learn from scratch now
to satisfy the sadistic drives of another boss-rapist, how.
One boss particularly quite notorious
Even the name terrorizes anybody
It is this boss, alias Great Satan, who has plunged the house into fear and disarray
Since he has violated
Sanctity of the whore house.
Since the rules were extremely bendable
He didn’t really need to commit that crime.
To satisfy his desires.
But he was very impatient
Well, understandable since he is a narcistic patient.

Up to now
more or less
bosses have been in agreement
almost always Great Satan
often foxy hypocrite Britain
sometimes self-important French
have had access to the whores
only once in a blue moon
thick yet stubbornly hard haggler Russia
and opportunist mystical China
have been enjoying the whores

what ravishing whores the house got though
with wonderful names.
Like Pakistan
What an innocent name, meaning pure.
Great Satan especially loves pure ones
She is one of the favourite to Great Satan
Who always grin when he sees her
And says "come my virgin-remaning whore"
Because she always brags
That she remains virgin
After every rape
Which she enjoys.
Despite sometimes feigning reluctance
Of course understandable, since
She is a shy coquette

All the whores jealous of each other though
Especially when Great Satan is involved.
One of the most jealous is Saudi Arabia.
This prudish slut
Always talk about tawhid
In such a cloak
And with so many ulterior motives
That causes lots of fitnah
Where ever she goes
Whatever she touches
One of her obsession is the leg of the trousers.
She can start a world war on that issue.
It doesn’t matter a million, even a billion muslim get murdered
As long as the leg of their trousers above the ankle,
She is relieved.
Yet she doesn’t care
As long as she has Great Satan for herself.
To appease him, there is nothing she cannot do.
In that respect she is not behind Jordan the Elegant Posturing Whore
The daughter of Sherif Hussain
Who is the number one Enemy against Muslims
Who stabbed Muslims in the back in first world war
By taking side with enemies of Islam.
Jordan the Elegant Posturing Whore is in love with three blokes though
From the same family
Great Satan, his master-friend Zion, and his cousin Foxy Britain.
Well, it is a tragic-comic love story
This poor whore forgets that how ever elegant she thinks she is
In the end she is a whore.
Her whole duty is to satisfy and satisfy and satisfy….
The master(s)

There are lots of such sluts
All shy and jealous
Happy in the whore house
Alas, everything might change
The house may go bankrupt
What a dreadful prospect
Then what to expect?
That’s why whores are worried
What will happen if we come to a new age?

21 03 2003 (revised, 26 03 03)

By lateef the blunt

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