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The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.Camus
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Posted by lateeftheblunt on Thursday, March 27, 2003 at 10:58:25 :

This poem is dedicated to those who hold honesty and dignity above everything else


"We are democracy"
therefore automatically
"we are right"
argues hypocrites
democracy a magic wand
a renewable asset
and precious commodity
both carrot and stick for bad boys
living in third world
not something you can comprehend
only materialises into concrete
in the words of the "West"
who are only a few
yet represent the rest.
If they say something is good, then it is nobody's
Business to suspect.
That’s exactly how democracy works.
It is about public opinion.
If one wing of the establishment can persuades the public
It doesn’t matter how
they get into power
After that they can ignore or much better manipulate
Public opinion for quite a while.
Most of the time they don’t have to
Because the other wing is not really different
You may know it is a matter of management
But sometimes problems pop up
Public couldn’t be persuaded
In that case "leadership" is invoked.
Lie Machines becomes very productive in this atmosphere.
When one wing of the establishment get tired,
The other one comes to the scene
To entertain the viewers
Who are unaware or pretend to be
What is going on behind the scene
Democracy is wonderful help
In such situations
The motto is "whatever the our leader is up to,
We must trust him because we are democracy"
And democracy works wonderfully.

The lack of it very dangerous
To somebody else
Not always
But if a situation arises
For some worn-out puppet
Especially in the Middle East
Where the shelf-life of puppets are very short
Then suddenly
Western establishment remembers about democracy
With the help of Lie Machines
They set off to rectify the situation
If asked about the past
They would say "yes we have made a mistake but
We are sincere now".
Be assured the next generation will continue to say the same.
They will too find someway somehow
However, it will always benefit the West.
This is really the thing everybody tries hard
to banish to the section of unconscious
part of their mind

Recently the uncouth thugs in Western establishment
In the belly of Great Satan
Have decided to wreck all the façade
Operating now in the open
Nevertheless as old habits die hard
They are still using Lie Machines.
As others have done before them
They have remembered
That Saddam the ex-Puppet,
Who has become disposable now
Since not profitable anymore
If he stays as he is,
Has become the biggest threat to the world
What a transformation !!!!
Which defies the theory of evolution
A western-hired small crook
Turns out to be the monster
If you swallow.

The hypocrites have rushed in
To the screens
Of the Lie Machines
To the pages
Of the Lie Machines
As commentators
As experts
Gloating the destruction of Iraq
They spin and spin and spin….

That’s how exactly democracy may benefit you
In the hour of need
For the hypocrite gangs of the Western establishment.
To cut it short
The truth
It is a third space
Lies becomes facts
Facts becomes lies
So much so that
Even honest and good-willing people in the West
Forced to defend democracy
Democracy is a sacred word
A wonderful package outside
And “everything possible if the powers wish it to be” material inside
Democracy is not “something”
But “sense of something”
Such as “sense of freedom” not really freedom
To be fair to democracy
There is no such thing as freedom
It is democracy that conjures up freedom and so many nice things
Which makes us happy
Because we feel somebody,
Who are in control of our lives.
If you live in the West
You also
Much richer
Partly due to the politics of democracy
So what else do you want?
It is to your benefit
To carry on believing in democracy.

24 03 2003 (revised, 26 03 03)

by lateef the blunt

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