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The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.Camus
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Posted by lateeftheblunt on Thursday, March 27, 2003 at 10:57:32 :

This poem is dedicated to those who hold honesty and dignity above everything else


A group of thugs
Seizing the power in the richest part of Western World
Through "democratic" means
Set on conquering the world
With an untrammelled appetite
Also employing Lie Machines
God knows what else
On our screen
And on the pages.
When their "boys" get busted in
It is exactly the time the Machines roll in
They bombard us with Geneva Convention
Hoon the Hypocrite says
"It is disgusting to show captives by Iraqis"
If he really wants to see what "disgusting" is
He should look at a mirror
There is nothing more disgusting than what he would see
In the reflection
If ever he understands that
Because it is for people who has some visceral conception
Of course
There is also a contrast
He should remember
He may think that
Guantanamo Bay is in fables
There are no detainees there
They haven't been paraded like animals
The soldiers of Great Satan on the base
Just angels are blessing the place
That’s what he sees, nothing else
Among some "animals"

A hypocrite as he may be
Yet Hoon is only a poodle
In this dangerous game
A little bit relief, a psychological masturbation
All his aim
Just for nostalgia to the days of old empire
He has dedicated himself slavishly to a Satanic Vampire

This vampire the Great Satan seized the opportunity
Howling… bursting with rage
Parading their boys the biggest violation in the world
While they are there to bless the region
With their "daisy cutters"
B something airplanes
Using precision "love and peace" bombs.
And all the other latest technological ointment
When Iraqis defend their homes
Through Lie Machines they call it "fanatical zealots"
As opposed to their angel boys

What Great Satan really says
"I am the legislator"
"I am the prosecutor"
"I am the judge"
Any objection?
You are not here to speak but only to listen
If you don’t…
Then you are a terrorist
Lie Machines rush in
You don’t realise that
You have acquired an extraterrestrial status
Just enjoy it!

25 03 2003
by lateef the blunt

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