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Re: If you like any DUNE books...or even CHILDREN OF DUNE

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Posted by BloqHead on Thursday, March 20, 2003 at 03:10:57 :

In Reply to: Re: If you like any DUNE books...or even CHILDREN OF DUNE posted by Deyemab Ledmisu on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 04:08:46 :

: I knew to come here when I saw existentialist ideas in the mini-series! I'm glad I'm not making too far-drawn of a connection between the two. The message board at the scifi site is pretty disappointing. The fans especially puzzle over the "golden path," which I perceive as the freedom to rule one's own destiny; to exercise our will (that is, to exist) without predestination, which trapped the all-seeing Muad'dib as well as limiting his people who believed he was God, which, in Frank Herbert's opinion, by His nature assigns us essence and destiny. The all-important desert symbolizes purity, the clean slate with which we all begin before choosing our path and one's self, or, existence precedes essence. Leto is the existentialist, the only one strong enough. If anyone has read the books I would appreciate a reply, since I really don't have time for reading unless it's philosophy or at least fiction written with the purpose of asserting the author's unique worldview.

--I completely agree! Esp. with the Leto thing. I think what Frank Herbert was trying to explain by placing Paul and Alia there was that even though some people try to stab at existentialism (or even nothingness) they either get scared off or lead on the wrong path...but Leto II was strong enough and had enough knowledge to conqure the temptations...

I've only read three of the books. I'm planning on reading the others after remembering what it was like while watching the mini-series. I really admire Frank Herbert though...a man who went beyond and created his own world -- not just a sissy story, but a realm to another pathway for the imagination (with Dune maps, books from Dune, Dune appendixes, and everything !)

Just glad to find another Dune appreciator :)

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