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Re: Before you disagree with yourself again

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Posted by Brathelwaite on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at 02:25:44 :

In Reply to: Before you disagree with yourself again posted by Joe on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at 01:45:55 :

When I say "their own ignorance frightens them" I mean that it seems to me that people dwelling on the obvious abhor the lack of control they are capable of exerting in their own lives (a lack that we all, to varying intensities, experience).

Regarding your response to my bit about the word "irrationality", you're right.

I could spend the rest of the night talking about my perception of the American government and its actions abroad. I'm neither European nor American but I believe that I've read widely enough (and closely enough) to possess a fair degree of political objectivity. Yeah, I could spend the rest of the night, but I can't for, like you, I'm happily married and my wife is unhappily awaiting my return. Briefly, I wouldn't begin really to question what you've read and haven't (too absurd). I would say that it is very difficult to mentally extricate oneself from a perspective (in this case, American as its media creates it) that through sheer repetition has become "second nature", has amounted to presupposition. Difficult but not impossible despite being lashed with seemingly endless reams of one-sidedness. The subconscious is powerful (nearly omnipotent), and deceptive towards the ethical inquirer and inquiry.

On Iraq: there are really no legal grounds for attacking this country. It is in the process of disarming. Your government calls this a sham. How charming to plan to kill a bunch of people because you pointed your finger at them and accused them of something you can't prove. Are France's, Germany's, China's and Russia's motivations altruistic. Hardly. But that doesn't make them any less right in this particular case. Do you feel that Iraq truly poses a threat to America? How about Korea? Do you not find something hypocritical about a massive nuclear power sermonizing about the possible ownership of weapons of mass destruction? If the government came right out and said, "Look, are extremely powerful militarily and would like to keep it that way. We want to preserve our wealth even at the expense of the exploitation of a whole bunch of people. Don't mess with us or even think about it or even deny us our smallest whim or we'll blow you away a la Dirty Harry", it'd be easier to swallow.

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