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Re: from a materialist p.o.v.

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Posted by km on Friday, February 28, 2003 at 03:57:28 :

In Reply to: reason for all suffering posted by Daniel on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 16:29:26 :

-perhaps an interesting note is that suffering can be alleviated not through love, but through chemical manipulation of the brain and the human nervous system.

-there are both prescription drugs that make this claim (prozac, effexor for "mental" illness; painkillers for "physical pain", though the presumption is that there really is no mental), as well as illegal drugs (opium, for instance).

---while i sometimes am and sometimes am not a materialist (the position that the "mind" is really the brain, and nothing more), usually not, it would seem to me that a materialist would have to accept the position that suffering is, like everything else (according to the materialist), physical in nature, and thus is subject to alleviation through physical means. If what we call love alleviates suffering, it is only to the extent that it produces favorable brain and chem states x, y, z. However, these brain states could be manipulated, given sufficient technology.

-the cause for suffering is not the lack of an abstract thing called love, but because of certain brain and chemical states produce unfavorable conditions. the solution is to alter these states itno something more favorable (current methods are primarily chemical, but presumably other methods of brain stimulation are possible, either now or in the future).

------i really dont believe any of this, but it is a position to consider, especially since materialism is a somewhat popular philosophical position among the more analytic, less mystical, minded.

----also, even if you're not a materialist, it is a proven fact that to an extent suffering can be eliminated, or at least alleviated, through chemical manipulation.

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