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Re: Feelings and love - the intelligent version

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Posted by Matt on Thursday, February 27, 2003 at 19:28:55 :

In Reply to: Feelings and love - the intelligent version posted by Joe on Thursday, February 27, 2003 at 01:55:17 :

: Love, for those who care, is the biological reaction to the need for the human species to ensure the maximum survival of its offspring. Love is irrational. In fact, it can be defined as irrational. Like faith, once it is explained in practical terms, it ceases to be love (or faith). Why would evolution encourage an irrational feeling towards the opposite sex? So called "irrational love" ensures that one's partner won't leave once someone better comes along. If relationships were purely rational, there would be no reason to remain with your spouse when pursued by a hotter babe. The intangible but lovable characteristics we latch onto when we fall in love serve to ensure that a better genetic partner won't undo what a much longer investment of time and concern has built. When one thinks of it, the irrationality of love is easily explained from a biological perspective. People capable and desirous of deeper attachments would, over time, be more likely to reproduce because their partners would be more likely to remain despite outside temptation. Sometimes, irrationality actually serves the purpose of continuing the species better that rationality.

: Love,

: Joe

so it isnt irrational, because it arose out of a genetic need to survive, as with all of evolution...

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