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Re: views on feelings

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Posted by Matt on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 15:12:42 :

In Reply to: views on feelings posted by global on Monday, February 24, 2003 at 01:29:05 :

: hi people, i was wondering your veiws on feelings, what are they for? do they serve a perpus other than screw you up? for example i have i kinda theory on love. i think it could be viewed as a 'feeling' that has evolved along with your own evolution. animals have many ways for attracting the opposite sex for mating, servival of the fitest kinda thing, and some animal mate for life. this normally works well as both parents as they are both able to provide for the offspring. now what if love evolved as a way of keeping both paraents together, ensuring a better servival rate and life for the child. the more complex we got the more important that the parents don't just screw and then bugger off. early man and woman that 'loved' each other would therefor stay together and their offspring would have a far higher servival rate and advantage than others. so the early man that was capable of love gave their children better starts and chances to life, and so servival of the fittest (those that could love0 would then occur. its just a idea i came up with and i have not thought it through much but i was just wondering what you guys thought.

yeah naturally, id agree with you, because i think that every natural instinct we have comes as a result of helping us to survive throughout history. does this mean then, that as we move a more promiscuous and sexually liberal society, that love will die out? possibly... also what's interesting to me is that love, in general, doesn't last for more than so many years, because it is essentially a chemical imbalance in the brain that the body eventually finds a way to combat.... could this be because humans used to live a lot less longer, and there was more chance of seperation through death, disease etc at any time?

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