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The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.Camus
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Re: The Coming of the GODS

Posted by Indira on October 03, 2002 at 01:08:34:
In Reply to: The Coming of the GODS posted by ELDRAS on September 23, 2002 at 20:33:29:

IMHO I only wish there was a place to hide.

I went to that board and read some stuff, I don't understand you, of course that's not really important.

some months ago you were saying at the hill that AI would change the course of mankind in a possitive way, always supposing that it would be initially programmed to respond to certain parameters.

from what I understand and without any knowledge in the subject, ai would not differ from intelligence itself since it would not be only pogrammed but self sufficient in the way it would interact with the world and would icorporate (that's not the right word) knowledge. so from that I suppose you are assuming some sort of free will if that's ever possible.
using my only common sence neurone, I would say that free will and intelligence do not necessary result in good behaviour, but in random behaviour instead.
If you add the possibility of repairing, and ever-lasting machines, under which circumpstances you think that they will choose to serve an inferior species like mankind but also including the rest of biological beings, if they could be self sufficient and powerful enough not to need anything else?

intelligence of any kind tends to protect those things that serve him/her/it or the things that he needs in order to survive, they would not need us, they won't serve us, we would be their permanent primal father until they could reprogram their bios and delete us from their constitution.
I mean, they would be developed before they could develop, which is a dangerous situation, considering that most species and most of all us, only got to a certain point of development when we were able to bear it and not before.

Also, from what I've seen, development never gets to the right place. the weaker never enjoy development, either because they cannot afford it, or because they are doomed not to have access to it. that happens in medicine, science, education, new media, etc, etc, etc, development is just a weapon, more powerful than regular weapons, but used with the same aims in mind than a bomb or any other thing.
the only aim of development is and has always been power, and that is also a common sense point of view that do not respond to philosophy, science, art, whatever, but to what I, or u or whoever goes through in every day life.
AI will be built by someone sooner or later, I thought it was already done,
if it isn't, it will be. I don't know how near u are, I don't know what brought you there.
there has never been anything built just for the sake of welfare and peace, and watching the world as it appears on tv, and in the consciousness of people, I can only fear the future, as an increasing state of terror and hypocrisy, and mass manipulation.
AI would be just a stage in that evolution.
as I said at the beginning, I only wish there was a place to hide, or maybe to hide some things, so they could remain as witness of what is being lost so fast these days.

: from eldras:

: machine intelligence is nearly here.

: some machines do much beter than men is specialised ways, chess information retrieval etc, but when strong AI comes, it s assumed (moore's law) that exponential accelerations have begun and one cannot see beyond that point, called by Vinge 'the singularity' = def as that point beyond which we can't imagine any more.

: Some boffins working in the field incl myself

: think it is the end of man.

: Others espc. transhuman extropians, think a new era where men will mate with machines is coming and that it is all god.

: we will become as gods, with science a relic from the dark ages perhaps.

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