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The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.Camus
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school and college provide you with tickets nt

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Posted by trablano on Tuesday, February 04, 2003 at 06:33:31 :

In Reply to: Re: I hate school posted by Spratley on Monday, February 03, 2003 at 20:08:45 :

: : I'm going to sound like a complete naive, sixth-form-poetry cunt here but i really care so much about philosophy and nothing about my schoolwork anymore. Which means im just going to end up in some factory job with no time to think about life at all. Hmm
: -----------------------
: I have been struck time and time again (I am 28) by how when I was your age I bleeived that live was a track. You get on it or you derail. You had to do things now because if you didn't you'd be screwed up further down the line. You had to do well in school and join clubs and play sports so that you could get into a good college. Because without a good college, you couldn;t get a good job. And without a good Job you'd nevber get a better job. . .

: Well, that's shit. This world gives many more second chances that society will have you believe. When I was a teenager I thought it was a foregone conclusion that I'd go to college. I know popele who didn't go to college and have better jobs than me.

: The reason you hate school is the same reason that you believe that if you hate school now you'll be screwed in the future --because of the things the culture you live in tells you. School is an indoctrination camp, teaching you how to live like a good little ant in this culture. You don't learn anything good becasue the point of school is not to learn good things, its to learn how to learn, how to shut up and listen and then repeat things back. They don't want you to learn good things, they want you to momorize the basic thngs. And they want you to beleive that the good boys and girls will do this willingly, gladly.

: So when someone like you comes along and realizes that they're not learning anything worthwhile, and that they hate school, they are made to believe that hating school is somehow irreversibly damaging to one's chances in life. Why? Becasue our culture beleives that there is one right way to be, and if you're not that way then you are wrong, and being wrong is just about the worst thing to be. People get slaughtered for being wrong, they get ostracized, they get beaten down until they kill themselves for feeling out of place. They get pushed down and squeezed out. But thre are safe places in this world. The trick is to find them.

: You don't need geometry. We could learn geometry in a month if we chose to be carpenters --there's no reason all of us need to know that. But we learn it becasue they have to teac hus something or else let us out of school. And if they let us out of school we'd be on the streets with nothing to do. A hundred years ago peopel your age had careers already started. 100 years ago peop lonly stayed in school till they were 12 or so. 150 years ago people stayed in school until they were 12. Why has it changed? Because population has gone up. If they can't fit us into the work force, then they need to keep us busy somewhere else. School is the best place. So, where very few used to go to college, now just about everyone does. Some people stay in school until they're my age. Where once a 17 year old was considered a full adult, could live on their own, drink and hava family, now 21 year olds are still emotionally immature and ireesponsible. Childhood is prolonged becasue they don't have room for us as adults yet.

: My advice? Play the game of going to school, but use it as a disguise. Become a man in secret, but play the child so they don;tcatch on.

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