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Re: what is fear?

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Posted by Spratley on Friday, December 20, 2002 at 15:20:16 :

In Reply to: what is fear? posted by trablano on Friday, December 20, 2002 at 03:28:33 :

: I've found out for myself that fear is what is most threatening my being. When I don't fear then I'm almost happy, don't need much more from myself. But what exactly is fear? What is its biological purpose? I think it's just to oust any other perceptions and make the individual that fears get the impuls of running away. But you can't always run away.
There is fear, and then there's terror. I say this because one can be afraid, have nowhere to go, and fight successfully. But one can also have fear, have nowhere to go, and panic in shear terror, paralyzed, and perish.

I agree that fear is a survival response. But there are different kinds of death. Our bodies can die, our ideas can die. We perceive something as threatening to something tht we want to persist, and we fear it. ideological kinds of fears are the same as physical ones. One fears the grizzly bear because it will kill the body. One fears rehab because it will kill that need for the drug that seems so essential to one's being.

I have heard that the oposite of fear is love. To love a another person completely is to be absent of all fear --no fear of inadequacy, no fear or leaving, no fear of anger. This makes fear equivalent to hate. The words still represent their own ideas, but they also equate quite well. Racists hate certain people. It is often said of these racists that they fear the popel they hate. They fear that black people will take their jobs, they fear that Black peopel will steal their women, or as Sartre said, hate and fear Jews because the universe is not so cut and dry in terms of right and wrong and identity, then they hav to suffer the discomfort of Reason not being the neat tidy system it claims to be.

To love a black person is to be free of any fear about the difference or about the waypeople will react. To not-hate other people's ideas is to not-fear what those ideas might mean or cause.

Love-Fear-Hate. I like that triangle.

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