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Re: Do we need to justify our existence?

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Posted by koZako on Friday, December 20, 2002 at 00:08:50 :

In Reply to: Do we need to justify our existence? posted by trablano on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 at 02:59:04 :

If we consider the following start-point: man exists within social relations, then we should know that these imply conflicts, or unequal shares of power. The latter understood as domination.

the need for justification comes when a rule, explicitly established or not, within these given relations, is broken and as a consequence, a new one is established -or the previous modified which is the same. In the end, we are legitimating power, a relation of domination.

As this is, in the end, a matter of strenght or force -whatever sources and means we use to dominate, it needn't be physicall, though it might be later needed to have an armed force-, then it cannot be evaluated morally because it is an imposition and there is no discussion before imposition, it is not a consensus.

As I said before, as we exist we co-exist so we do need to justify our existance 'cuz it implies others, therefore, conflicts, therefore, rules being constantly replaced and these call for justification if we want our own rule to prevail.

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