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Re: Does America really support Iraqi people?

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Posted by koZako on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 at 01:47:46 :

In Reply to: Does America really support Iraqi people? posted by newman on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 at 05:37:06 :

first of all: the term "america" has to be defined.

If it refers to the government, then it surely doesnīt give a shit about iraqui people or the "abuses" Saddam has inflicted -if really true- upon them. The american government responds to different lobbies and interests like: controlling part of the oil market (I can imagine how worried Bush would be about people in Iraq if it wasnīt for the fact that Saddam wlaks over a huge oil well, lots of people in Africa needs help too but what can they give in return??. I can barely imagine Bush having a bit of participation in the decision-making process.

Secondly, most of Amīs Gov is full of jewish advisorīs and the like, who obviously care about Israel and defend itīs interests and welfare. Remember 1973 oil crisis and the reprisal of the oil producing countries by raising prices as a response to US support in the war against Egypt.

Plus, the fact that the Soviet Union has fallen, unleashed USīs global potentiality and terrorism was its response. practically, this has given an effective veil
-this does not mean that terrorism is not real, but the fact that US was the victim, paved the way for its role as the defender of democracy and freedom which is untrue. The towers where chosen not randomly but to let the US know that its economic imperialism and, as a consecuence, its political economy towards foreign countries, needs to be changed-
to cover other aims, such as being able to counterbalance the actual global economic crisis, creating a war -which movilizes lots of capital, we all know how profitable warfare maybe-. This is a very effective way to keep on creating new markets by expanding the "western" pattern: just as in Afganistan. Who said afgan people craved for a democratic society?? Most afganis do not even know what a telephone is, they sure wouldnīt understand how to deal with democratic institutions...
- again Iīm not saying Talibans are better but we cannot affirm that democracy is either.

If by "america" you mean "american people", well, as long as the gov keeps on issuing this demagogic discourse against terrorism, people will accept whatever means at hand to erradicate the problem. It is their own property they want to safeguard -they do not want another sept 11th, and if that requires Saddam or Ala, they donīt care- not the sake of anyone on the planet...They bought the speech against terrorism and the evil profile they made on Saddam but they never understood -nor inquired about- the causes for such attacks, which is very dangerous.

Evenmore, the fact that Saddam has weapons of massive destruction does not make a difference...Are we innocent enough to believe that bombs dropped by Saddam cause more harm than the ones dropped by Bush or anyone else???? Besides, how can I know that these "UN missions" are not fake and that they can come up anytime saying that they found something, eventhough it is untrue??

And still, is there any chance to believe America represents the opinion of the rest of the world?? Why so much opposition in the security coucil then??

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