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Posted by Spratley on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 at 19:36:36 :

In Reply to: Re: distraction posted by Kessey on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 at 18:13:38 :

: It sounds like what your insinuating is a type of national mega-mania... I'm quite postive that there is a lot of indivduals ( as indivdual essentially make up nations) that would strongly disagree with the quote, unquote, Americian defintion of what is right and proper in world affairs. I mean really, a great number of Americians that I have met abroad have enough trouble identifying the capital of Canada let alone offering a pliable explanation, synthesis, and proposed iniciatives for world affairs.
: At the end of the day, the CURRENT (there have been some decent Democratic Americian governments) Americian policy makers are not interested in doing what is right and proper for the worlds, their express interest is to defend the Americian materilistic life style at all costs. Clarifying my point, how can we, the world's audience, actually even consider following the suicide coarse of America???; for instance, the liberal and progressive world nations have agreed to sign the Kyoto agreement to slow the destruction of our shared environment due to green house gases... where is Americia, coincidentally the largets emitter, signature???? You guesed it, no where to be found... "HOW COULD WE DO THAT IT MIGHT EFFECT NEXT YEARS ECONOMIC OUTPUT". The question of relevence is; what about in twenty years, or worse yet, seventy??? Americian politics is currently taking on the hue and glitz of Hollywood. Policy makers put on a glitzy show as to steal the Americian and world publics eye away from issues of sustained importance. The only important issues that each four year regime seems to address is how the hell their going to be able to hold power for another four years. The answer, heavy handed spectacle that provides immediate reassurance and comfort to the Americian people... you might say: all style and no substance.
: If one wants to do a pop pshychology assement of the Americian psyche as a whole the quickest way to do such is divide its way down to the average Americian citizen. Now I may be stepping into sticky waters here as I would be the first to admit that I have met Americian's of all makes, models,political, and philosophical orientaion, (many of whom I thought were pretty dam cool) BUT I still would not hesitate to add that using my facilities of deduction the people that I met still did on average come across more often then not in comparsion with people from other countries as the most self serving and egotistical. ( A common world view to be fair) The Americian notion of individualism to me has gone to far, it's caprice and self serving way's will in all honesty be the death of our world. The future is for looking for solutions collectivly; seeing past the span of one's own perpective, and forcing forward protocols that may cause some initial discomfort but be beneficial for the future. Until the average Americian is able to see beyond their own lot, what hope is there for a sustained future?
I understand why America gets blamed for being the bane of human life on the planet --it is the best and most visible example of what is wrong with human behavior. But thre is also something that falls short in naming the problems of ther world America's Fault.

America did not invent a novel way of being in the world. It got its instructions from the Europeans who populated it. And the Eauropeans got their instructions from the Greek and Roman cultural systems that they studied so devotedly in the Renaissance, and from the MEdieval systems the evolved from. Those ancient systems received their instructions form. . .where? Persia, Egypt, Babylon? The Middleastern cradles of civilization.

I may seem to be stating opinions without offering much evidence, but so be it. Our entire civiliztion is based on a set of cultural principles passed down to us mostly unchanged from the very first "historical," "civilized" culture we have heard of (and we have heard of them because we are part of the same contiguous cultre.)

The reason America exemplifies it so well is because this culture is based on exploitation of natural resources and reproduction for the purposes of spreading the Culture. America has vast, vast resources and plenty of room for people to pump out children into. Because America could grow and gorw unchecked it began to be the leading example of the culture which wants to have more and more babies, convert more and more differing cultures and be the One And Only. BUt I assure you, South America, Europe, Asia. . . we all come from the same root culture and all operate under the same principles. SO let's not make America the brand name of this unsustainable way of being in the world. Let's name it by its features.

1.) Insistence on permanent, acelerating growth.

2.) Prioritizing the needs of the Culture over the needs of the ecosystem which sustains and nurtures us. (which implies an ignorance of the fact that our growth depends on the health of the environment, but our growth works in direct opposition ot the health of the ecosystem.)

3.) A beleif that whatever we think is the right is absolutely right for everyone period.

Change those three things and you'll see significant changes in the way people live on this planet.

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