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Posted by ELDRAS on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 13:08:31 :

PSYCHOSIS an analyst's perspectice.

Psychosis occurs when
the mind experiences more pain than it can deal with.

A survival mechanism comes into play.

This survival mechanism says ' My model of the world is not the right one, becaue it can't cope with the world...that one gives me too much pain. I 'll try a differnt model of the world'

this new model could be religion (commmon), that aliens are coming, that the end of the world is coming (common), that people are in a universal conspiracy involving you (common), that things have different meanings, such as car number plates, and the television is talking to you in particular ( all very common).

The different interpretations attempt to remodel the world about you, as your former model is too painful to even bear.

People who feel such pain were once thought to be weak minded, but evidence is emmerging (Von Conningsby, Fullton & Ellis 2002) that any mind under sufficient psychological pain will retreat into a different modelling of the world as a survival mechanism.

These new models, though less reality connected, are often responsible for increased survival chances in the individual, who may meet other minds with similar fantastic models and form relationship producing offspring.

There is significant evidence to assert that the mind operating these secondary world models, actually know that they are using fabricated models.

The treatment for dismantling Psychosis:

1. The unbearable pain of the patient must be relieved, by drugs intially whilst therapy begins to uncover & cathart the unconscious pian, and

2. The patient learns defences against future situations, many of an emmotional nature, specifically including problem-solving coping mechanisms.

3. While it is possible to argue that all psychosis is genetic in origin, no studies have convincingly shown that there is any malfunctioning in any part of the brain at all, and it is more likely that what is passed by inheritance is higher levels of intelligence - like sensitivity, drive and imagination - rather than feeble-mindedness. These uncreased brain capacities which produce calibre minds in balanced environments, produced altered models of the world in out-of-balance environments.

An environment that has impossibly high levels of expectations of achievment produces the conditions for flipping psychotic models of the world into being. It is often in high achieving families therefore, that intitial stages of psychotic flipping occur, a precusor to which is rapid imagination or depression, themselves both attemptas to evade the unbearable world.


is another survival defence mechanism ; this attempt to induce the patient into a hybernation-like state in order to cope with perceived reality.

Triggers may be actual events or accumalted memories from childhood that can no longer be repressed because of diverted enrgy uses.

A diverted energy use would typicaly be examination or bereavement stresses, or anything that requires vast amounts of psychic or emotional energy.

It is highly likely that these different, alternate or generated models of reality, are strongly linked to reproduction and or survival mechanisms and are inate in all people.

Ta Salutant!


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