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Posted by trablano on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 09:42:37 :

I recently read a book about musicians of the past, from Rommain Rolland. A friend of mine found it in the floods that had been in our city during summer. It's pretty interesting, it takes a completely different look towards history. Sees it all as a battleground in which only art itself survived, its soul survived. Would you say that this is true? Is the only good thing we'll eventually leave to future generations our art, and how we looked at our art?

The book tells that the only thing we ever capture from the past we eventually capture from art. The simple records we find don't give pictures. Example: An early musician theoretic, Hieronymous von Mähren, said the following: "The main hindrance to make beautiful chimes is the sadness of the heart." The people back then valued music as a rational art, they saw it as something reason enjoys, not our emotional centre. And the people at this time who made music were mostly theists, monks in monasteries and the like. I wouldn't have thought this, would never have considered that those people were devoted to reason at all. Now in the world the church doesn't seem to be the spring of reason so much.

Someone knowing more about this topic?

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