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The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.Camus
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Re: is it task avoidance?

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Posted by trablano on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 04:17:42 :

In Reply to: is it task avoidance? posted by shane on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 20:01:43 :

You seem to consider philosophy to be "deep thought". May I ask you why you think so? I don't find it so deep. Also, I stay aside from thoughts like "nothing can be known" etc. Instead I say that anything needs to be known in order to understand it. Knowing is just comprehension. OK, some things are harder to comprehend than others, but that only depends on our intelligence, and how experienced we are in thinking.

An example .... "I think therefor I am". I KNOW this sentence, because I comprehend what it means. My thought is known to me as existant, which implies that I do exist. Without me existing as the creator of whatever I think I could not realize that I exist at all. All just a matter of knowing and comprehending. Nothing too deep.

Hmm, I could imagine that you find thinking in itself to be deep, or to be "making a deep hole", out of which you feel like having to climb out again so that you can feel something again, to recognize emotional input. Do you maybe get depressed when you've been thinking too long? I would suggest that you examine your own personal nature before you claim that the effect of thinking is "digging a hole". (Personally I can feel sympathy here. For me religious thoughts are of the kind that dig me a hole out of which I have problems to climb out. Religion switches off the light for me.)

: i really appreciate the insight from spratley and trablano...very cool.

: i think what im trying to determine is whether or not it is a good thing to study foreign experience. i can see the benefit of adopting some views and rejecting or reacting to others...still forming a unique and individual view..to "climb the mountain"...

: i see us each having such a unique collective experience...that it is hard for me to understand how we can settle on a common plane in self understanding.

: obviously, we all absorb what is useful..but it just seems to be such a complex chain of experience that leaves so many forks in the road....the only common conclusion that i can comprehend is that there is nothing to know..and nothing that can be proven or disproven....i agree that we are all a compilation/mixed bag of pre-existing beliefs rolled up into a slightly modified package...i guess what im also wondering is this: the deeper we dig the more we need to work it seems. is the true task to discover peace within our personal realities? is deep thought diving pain avoidance?...or do we truly believe that the anwers need to be unearthed rather than just stopping. im sure that alot of us know that diving inside our minds can get to be really painful..does that mean that a lack of self exploration(facing reality) is more painful for some of us...or is reality an everchanging floating point? i wonder if the less we dig the less their is to climb out of...which is why i wonder if outside theoryand philosophy only creates a deeper hole to climb out of....

: im interested in...maybe being convinced otherwise..haha
: shane

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