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The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.Camus
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Posted by trablano on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 09:10:17 :

In Reply to: Re: zeitgeist posted by shane on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 06:44:13 :

Could be that I'm just expecting more social movement, more social success. Lately I found nothing appraisable in the newspapers, there seems to be no progress. Okay, activity and noise is anywhere, the trains are driving anyway, but there's no argument about directions, we only stay at this one track and only want to secure the train, not change the direction.

Uniting the nations? What process do you see there? The UN is weak, and only by a strong UN I could see any progress there. The nations make their own way, and only unite economically. And this economic unification puts the economically weak countries into disadvantages. See the EU, just for instance. It was made nearly completely for economic reasons, it's political component was mere decoration. Who cares for what the european parliament is debating about? Now they're planning for a constitution most people have no interest in. Public interest and involvement ... limited. Also, certain ways of thinking are not represented. The greens, or anarchists ... prone to be left outside.

Peace ... I don't think peace should mean that there's nothing going on. I think peace means activity, I think peace means the act of making progress, I also think it's the fruit of all the former. The hunger in the world ... it could easily be overcome by consolidated endeavours. Some planned economy in this sector of economy ... and all would be well. Same goes for deseases. And necessary investitions in future, like space travel. I think we'll go nuts if we stay on this planet alone. We need new ground.

The quietness. I think it really comes from a loss on the outside, as blimp said. We have no success coming in from there, and without a positive input from the outside the inside is easier prone to spin into itself and get delusions. A man, who has a good job also thinks better for himself, less things to worry about. A man, who finds successes in his job and in other people's jobs will experience even more success in his private works. Always belonded together. The man's the people.

Thanks for your post.

: i can only say what i feel...we are living in such a saturated society. there is a loss of dynamics. my awareness is threatened by the constant assault of stability by the corporate systems constant fear/resolution tricks, from the same blueprint that the church designed. people living near train tracks eventually dont hear trains go by. some of us want to drive the train. some of us just live by the tracks. i think we are experiencing a social divide between those who need to defend their ego and those who do not. we are all operating in "pain avoidance " mode. the quiet you are speaking of...is it indifference?......or do you think the process of uniting nations is unnatural? having clearly defined enemies has been the religious/political angle since day 1. perhaps it isnt in the fabric of our beings to have peace...especially when we know that the quiet always comes before the storm. no real answers...just empathy

: : I must confess that I'm deaf to the Zeitgeist we live in. Can someone tell me about the time we live in? This century ... it feels like a big nothing to me. There seems to be nothing going on. So many people seem to have gone inwards, the whole planet seems to spin inwardly now, nothing has remained moving on the outside. It's too damn quiet, at least here in europe.

: : I think back in the cold war there's at least been a tension between the east and the west. In my stance even the hope that the two perspectives could one day melt for the better of all. Hey, in the 1960's people hoped we could have space travel around 2000, they expected us to colonize the moon around this time. Where have we gotten?

: : Did ever a generation fulfill the expectancies of its former generation? Has any idol ever fulfilled his promises?

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