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Artificial intelligence makes politics irrrelevant

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Posted by ELDRAS on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 23:04:37 :

In Reply to: terrorism posted by John Prince on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 07:37:05 :

you have a lot of energy.

: Hi,

: I read Hard truths message regarding terrorism on your forum and I thought maybe I start a new thread here. I had written this on the occasion of the September, 11 attaks and sent it to various newspapers and politicians, but to my knowledge none of it has been published.

: Here it is, (by the way, after reading this maybe you also have a new concept about the innocent civilian in the message by hard truths):Dear Sir/Madam,

: This was a terrible tragedy and I am deeply saddened by hearing of the death of so many
: people. However the most important question remains unanswered: How can bloodshed
: like this be avoided in the future? By aerial bombing in Afghanistan? By killing Osama
: Bin Laden? I doubt it.

: I don’t claim to have the complete solutions, but I do have some thoughts that should be
: seriously considered.

: Many Church Services have been held to farewell those who have died and many have
: gone to Church who would not do so ordinarily. But why did God let this tragedy
: happen? Is he not the Almighty who can protect us from all evil? Why didn’t he?

: How many even of regular Churchgoers have read the Bible and know the laws of God?
: The target of the attack was the World Trade Centre, so most of those who lost their lives
: probably worked in the financial industry or worked very closely with the financial
: world. This is the Word Of God regarding the financial world:

: Ezekiel 18,13: Who ... lends at interest, and takes profit; shall he then live? He shall not
: live.

: Could this be the reason for what has happened? Is God, after Jeremiah 10,24 correcting
: us here in just measure but not in his anger, lest he bring us to nothing?

: You say it is impossible that God would do something as horrible as this. But this has
: happened before. Read the story of Jehu in 2 Kings, 10. It is gruesome. Jehu kills all the
: worshippers of the Phoenician god Baal. He invites them for a great sacrifice into their
: temple, puts guards around the temple and sends men in to kill each and every one of
: them. His instructions are, ‘Go in, and slay them; let none come forth.’ (Verse 25) And
: the guards at the doors he had warned, ‘If any of the men whom I have brought into your
: hands escape, he that letteth him go, his life shall be for the life of him.’

: Would God do this to a Christian nation like the US? God called Nebuchadnezzar, the
: destroyer of Jerusalem, the destroyer of God’s holy temple, his servant! Jeremiah 25,9:
: ‘Behold, I will send and take all the families of the north,’ saith the LORD, ‘and
: Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant, and will bring them against this land,
: and against the inhabitants thereof, and against all these nations round about, and will
: utterly destroy them, and make them an astonishment, and an hissing, and perpetual
: desolations.’ So God has brought much evil upon his followers before. Why? Because
: they have not listened to the word of God’s prophets who spoke God’s word to them,
: ‘Turn ye again now every one from his evil way. ... And go not after other gods to serve
: them, and to worship them, and provoke me not to anger with the works of your hands;
: and I will do you no hurt.’ (Jeremiah, 25,5 - 6)

: Are our ways evil in the sight of the Lord? Is our society doomed, if we do not change our
: ways? Why is it that the Western World, but in particular the United States, attract such
: hatred, not only from fanatical Moslems, but also from some of their own “Children”.
: Why did Timothy McVeigh commit his horrible crime, why are US School Children
: shooting their peers and teachers within the United States?

: Let us take a look at one of the chapters of the Bible which tells us in the most direct
: manner of what our economic relationships should be. It is Leviticus 25: From verse 9 on
: the Chapter describes the Law of the Jubilee. Every 50 Years all land that has been sold
: shall return to its original owner or his heir free of charge.

: How can we possibly do this in today’s world?

: Let me remind you what our Lord, Jesus Christ, answered the Pharisees, when they asked
: him why Moses had given them a divorce law, if they should not divorce their wives.
: Jesus replied: (Matthew 19, 8 and Mark 10,5) ‘For your hardness of heart he wrote you
: this commandment.’ Laws have to be adjusted to the people and the circumstances. The
: law of Jubilees according to the letter of Leviticus 25 is impractical today, but we still
: have to act in its spirit. What was the land to the people of Moses? It was the means to
: what we call a livelihood today. Doesn’t this mean that our farming land, our factories,
: our means to produce the goods which we consume have to be distributed anew every so
: often, every fifty years. But doesn’t the farming land and the factories not belong to
: someone? God says in Leviticus 25,23: ‘The land is mine, for you are strangers and
: sojourners with me.’ The land and everything that is needful to keep mankind alive
: belongs to God, not to people. It is our playground, but every so often we have to restart
: the game. When we play Monopoly there is an end to the game, when everybody except
: one person is bankrupt. (Play it according to the rules, if you don’t believe this.) Then we
: pack up all money, all title deeds, houses and hotels, and at a later time we may start the
: game again. Don’t we do this in reality also? We cannot pick up a house and put it into a
: box, but do we not use guns and cannons, don’t we send aeroplanes to fly over them and
: bomb them, to remove them from the playing board, the earth. Is war the equivalent of
: packing up the game? Does it have to be? Is war, civil strife and unrest, God’s way to
: force a Jubilee, if we don’t do it ourselves?

: What would have happened, if Adolf Hitler, instead of going to war, would have done
: what the West - German government did in 1948, three years after this horrible war,
: namely a currency reform. They did away with the old Reichsmark and every West -
: German citizen obtained 40.- DM, and the country started anew. It was said about Adolf
: Hitler, that he spent so much money that he had only the choice between bankruptcy and
: war. Was there really no other way?

: Hitler wanted to go to war, but the question remains: if the economy can force a people
: to persue a course of action against its will do we not have to say that the economy is
: stronger than people? In The Bulletin/Newsweek 25.10.1994 Mr. James Carville, advisor
: to President Clinton, is quoted from the Wall Street Journal saying, ‘... if there is
: reincarnation ... I want to come back as the bondmarket. You can intimidate everybody.’
: Can you believe this? Instead of a human being, flesh and blood, he prefers to be a pile of
: paper, or some bits saying 1 or 0 stored away somewhere on a computer, because this is
: stronger than the US government!? He must have known in his position. Is the market
: really stronger than our governments? Why is the Australian government against the
: Kyoto protocol? Why are governments all around the world losing their assets to pay for
: their debts?

: But if the economy is stronger than even our governments, it is stronger than humans, or,
: in other words, it is superhuman. God said to Adam and Eve (Gen. 1,28): ‘... have
: dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing
: that moveth upon the earth.’ We shall have dominion over everything that is upon the
: earth, but still there are these papers, these certificates, that move through the market on
: the earth that are stronger than us, something that has dominion over us? What are they
: then, if they are above humans? Are they our gods? The gods whose command we follow
: much more than the Word of Our Father in Heaven? The gods whom we follow at least
: five days a week, if not more, while we follow God only on Sunday morning, if at all?
: Many think that the first commandment is irrelevant to them, because they find it hard
: enough to believe in one God, how could you believe in more than one? Men can make
: gods. Aaron did it in Exodus 32, and the children of Israel worshipped it and brought it
: sacrifices.

: The first commandment is the most important commandment, because it concerns God.
: ‘I am the LORD thy God, .... Thou shalt have no other gods before me.’ Exodus 20,4,
: says: ‘You shall not make yourself a graven image or any likeness of what is in heaven
: above, ... you shall not bow down to them and serve them, for I the Lord your God am a
: jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth
: generation ....’ What do the German Stockmarket Investors do when they go to work in
: the morning into the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, going past the statues of the Bull and the
: Bear, which have been erected there in 1985 by the sculptor Reinhard Dachlauer. Are
: these not their idols, or the idols of the Western World? And are we not giving them
: more power than our own governments? Is this an offence to God? Has God visited our
: iniquity in New York? Where the towers of the World Trade Centre the temples of a
: strange god, who ruled and still now rules our everyday life? And when these towers
: collapsed were the persons buried in their rubble from the priesthood of this strange god?
: (If you don’t believe, God would do this, read 2 Kings 23, 15 - 20)

: Is it impossible for our governments to govern in the spirit of Christian love? What is
: Christian love? In Pre - School our children learn that they have to share their toys, but
: does that mean, that the neighbour can take Dad’s BMW for a spin? President John F.
: Kennedy said that it is possible to feed every human being in the world. There is enough
: food for all. He did not do this, however, because he rather geared his country’s financial
: resources towards the race to the moon. Maybe his country would be more loved and
: appreciated today by others, if he would have given them food, instead of trying to
: impress them with his country’s power. Is food not more important than toys? When our
: children go into High School, they learn the law of the economy, ‘Survival of the fittest!’
: Does this not mean, ‘Death of the majority’ also, if only the fittest survive? Timothy
: McVeigh seemed to have thought so. According to the ABCNews.com site he was
: obsessed with survivalism. He was very intelligent, he had even won a Scholarship for
: College, but he dropped out and joined the forces. Did he take ‘Survival of the fittest’
: literal? What do we mean when we say that?

: Timothy McVeigh did well as a soldier and was promoted earlier than others who had
: joined with him. He fought in the Gulf - war and boasted about killing Iraqis and
: providing security for Gen. Schwarzkopf! He must have been an excellent soldier, but
: was he the best, the ‘fittest’? He tried out to become a Green Beret, which I suppose is
: some sort of elite soldier, but he failed, he was not the ‘fittest’, and he could not take it.
: Did he become mad, because he could not live up to the standard of our weekday god,
: and be the ‘fittest’? He demonstrated against the government in the siege of David
: Koresh and his followers. There are many other obscure cults in the US. Young people
: killing themselves to get onto a spaceship to live a better life after death is only the tip of
: the iceberg. Do these people turn to these religions to look for superhuman help, because
: they know they are not the ‘fittest’? Do they feel they have no right to survive, without
: this help? Is this the reason for shooting sprees at American Schools?

: But how could our countries be governed better than they are today? Are they governed
: well at the moment? Thirty to fourty years ago people in the Western World appeared
: very happy and carefree, unless they got drafted and sent to Vietnam. Compare the
: Beatles with Eminem. What better musical gift could there be for a person of budding
: sexuality than ‘I saw her standing there’? But no good can be achieved by forbidding
: your children to listen to Eminem. There is not even a point in blaming Eminem for his
: music. If he would not strike a chord in the heart of Western children, he would not be
: successful. It is us parents who make our children feel this way. In the sixties, jobs were
: plentiful and many people did not worry about qualifications. They left School as soon as
: they could, earned some money and enjoyed life. Today children sit at School in the
: knowledge that even if they achieve high marks, the benefits for their efforts are far from
: secured. Further School is competition, we are all enemies, we do not love our
: neighbours. Have you seen these stickers on young people’s cars saying ‘No Friends!’?
: Isn’t this horrible?

: What brought about this change? Was there bad weather, drought and tempest, that
: destroyed the crops in the Western World and caused suffering? ... No. Was there a war
: during which key factories were destroyed so that the prosperity of the sixties ceased in
: the Western World? ... No. Were there aliens from outer space, who destroyed factories,
: or crops, or did something on earth to change living conditions? ... No. Why then is it
: getting harder and harder to ‘survive’ in the Western World? What could it be except
: mismanagement? Most say, ‘It is the economy?’ but what or who is that? Is this not our
: man - made god, whom we serve and contemplate most of our waking life? Is this not our
: offence to God? Does our Capitalist religion yield what it promises? Maybe, but do we
: really understand the promise? I think we have all reason to worry about the fact that the
: majority will die, if there is ‘survival of the fittest’ only. This was a term coined by
: Charles Darwin regarding animals. Darwin himself also believed that the law he found
: applies to people, to the difference between rich and poor, but should it really? Is it not
: this what sets humans apart from animals, that we overcome the cruelty of nature as far
: as humanly possible. Does Medicine not serve that purpose? We don’t say to the sick,
: ‘You are not fit enough, you shall not survive.’ Why should we say so to the poor?
: Because the economic law, the law of a superhuman being tells us to do so, because a
: strange god tells us?

: How else could we govern our countries in a just way? Justice is an ideal and we call it
: an ideal, because it is not real. Injustice does exist. It is very real, everywhere you look
: you can find injustice, if you look hard enough. The really existing opposite of injustice
: is not justice, but happiness. Happiness can be real. Here is an example. Is it not unfair
: that James Packer is inheriting Millions of Dollars and gets all the coaching he wants
: from the man who knows best to turn them into even more Millions? Why wasn’t my
: Dad like that? Nobody in his right mind would call this justice, but what are we going to
: do? Do we want to live as they did in the Soviet Union? ... No. Do we want to live like
: they do in the People’s Republic of China? ... No. So, I suppose, we are happy with
: James Packer getting all this money as long as we got a job and can make a living. But
: will we always have a job? Quite a number of us don’t. We teach our children of life -
: long learning and that it is very unlikely that you can remain with one employer through
: all your working life. Aren’t things getting harder and harder?

: Could we handle the opposite? Uriah Heep, in Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield,
: complains that he went to a School where they told him in the morning that labour was a
: curse, and in the afternoon, that labour was a blessing. Do we need to labour, just
: because God said to Adam in Gen. 3,17 to 19, ‘... cursed is the ground for thy sake; in
: sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life. In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat
: bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and
: unto dust shalt thou return,’ because he had eaten of the forbidden fruit? In Gen. 8,21
: God says to Noah, ‘I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake....’
: Remember the ground, the land, our means to make a livelihood? It is not cursed. What
: would really have happened, if Adolf Hitler, instead of going to war, would have done
: away with the old currency and given everybody 40.- DM of the new currency. If he
: would not have gone to war, Germany would not have been destroyed. All the people
: who worked on construction for decades after the war to rebuild a completely
: demolished country could have lain on the beach all day, everyday. Surely there would
: have been something to fix here or there, but nothing compared to the work needed to
: build the country Germany from scratch. While these men would have done hardly any
: work, Germany could have produced the same food, that these people bought for money,
: the country could have given them accommodation, cars everything they actually bought,
: everything the country could have had ready for them, even though they would have had
: no money to pay for it. Could the Germans have given it to them for free? Why not? Is
: this unjust? Probably. The workload to provide for the people should have been
: distributed more justly amongst all Germans, but the principle is important.
: Unemployment can be a blessing, not a curse. It is the blessing of Technology to make a
: life of leisure possible, and it is our inability to comprehend this and make it work, which
: turns it into a curse, and turns us into our neighbours competitors and enemies.

: I think our endeavours to avoid future terrorist attacks should go into this direction, to
: build our countries in the fear of God and not in the fear of a Stockmarket crash. The
: people working in the financial industry are to me better paid dole bludgers. In my eyes
: they do not contribute anything to society. They don’t produce anything. They would
: disagree and claim, that everything that happens in our society is made to happen by
: them. I do not agree, but no matter whether this is true or not, the point is, it should not
: be true! Do we want to be ruled by a stack of papers, or some bits in a computer saying
: either 1 or 0? Don’t we want to be ruled by the government which we have elected. All
: major decisions, particularly those that affect the livelihood, the jobs, the quality of life,
: of the citizens should be made by the government with deliberate intent, instead of
: leaving matters to a soulless and merciless god called the market. Only then can we love
: our neighbours, instead competing and fighting with them. Companies could downscale
: operations, because their products are not needed to an extent that the factory has to run
: at full capacity all the time. The workers at such a factory can work less and we still are
: blessed enough to be able to give these workers everything we used to give them while
: they were working. But this cannot be done by the market, even though it is of
: superhuman strength, it can only be done by men who take responsibility and are
: respected by the citizens who can in their organisation bring happiness, which is often
: perceived as justice, to every person. Only then can we live in peace, when our world is
: organised in a prosperous and stable way.

: When I look back at my life, I see that all the bridges which I walked collapsed right
: behind me. The price of a home has risen from about three annual wages to ten annual
: wages. Many people are happy about this, but can they sell their homes? They have to
: live somewhere. And how are our children meant to come up with half a Million dollars
: for a home? Are they meant to stand by and wait impatiently for us to die?

: Even if Christian love between all men cannot be achieved, because not everybody is a
: Christian, we have to respect that other countries chose to run their affairs different from
: our way. Globalistaion is a worth while ideal (it is not real). However we have to be clear
: what we are aiming for in this. Globalisation should involve something like a global
: currency, and world wide trade agreements. A person doing a job in Taiwan should earn
: the same rewards and work under the same conditions as a person doing the same job in
: the US or Europe. Think of all the non - renewable fossil fuel which would be saved on
: transport!

: These are, in my opinion, the issues which need to be addressed, if attacks like these are
: not to be repeated. Revenge will only create more hatred. The US have been at war for a
: long time. When was it the last time, that all American soldiers were on American soil,
: all their military aircraft was inside American airspace, all their Navy vessels in their
: waters? This nation is at war continuously like ancient Rome. And like ancient Rome at
: the peak of its power they have been successful to fight their wars abroad and not in their
: own country. They have been flying missions in Iraq for a decade, they have killed many
: Iraqis, and Libyans and people of many other nations, and now that someone has carried
: the war into their own territory they cry murder. Shame on them. Of course this was an
: act of war, what else could it have been? The answer to war is not more war, but peace
: with our fellow inhabitants of this planet and peace with God. ‘Vengeance is mine; I will
: repay,’ saith the Lord. (Rom. 12,19, also Deut. 32,35)

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