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Re: What does time move through, or is it consciousness that is moving?

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Posted by Mixednutt on Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 05:18:14 :

In Reply to: Re: What does time move through, or is it consciousness that is moving? posted by ELDRAS on Sunday, November 10, 2002 at 21:00:02 :

There are few things that can be said about time and our perception of it though. One is that each one of us has a personal clock, and we remember events from the past. Our clock's space out event's, to create a realistic view of relativity of events, and it is accepted that we can remember events in relation to each other in as accurate as seconds, or as distant as a lifetime.

We do not remember events from the future, but further, the future is defined as the side of the arrow of time where the universe becomes less ordered. If we remembered the future, it would have been impossible for intelligent life like humans to ask the question "Why?" about the universe, but that is neither here nor there in the wake of the cosmos, but it might shed some insight as to why we view it the way we do.

There is this paradox in believed space time called the twins paradox. By believed, I mean it isn't the kind of thing anyone would really expect because it is really strange. Gravity distorts time. The twins paradox says that one twin living at low elevation(closer to the earths center of gravity) will age slower than his brother living at high evolution. There is no simpler explanation for it than that gravity, whatever it is, distorts time.

It does the same thing in black holes. There is this thing called an event horizon around a black hole. It is the border, outside of which matter cann effect other matter, but inside, the same matter could no longer effect anything outside of it. The conclusion has been made the area inside the event horizon is stopped time. There is a great book on it by Stephen Hawking called 'A Brief History of Time'. I think you might like it.

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