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Re: The universe as a computer system

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Posted by cannotbe on Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 15:59:45 :

In Reply to: Re: The universe as a computer system posted by blimp on Wednesday, November 06, 2002 at 23:03:15 :

I never said anything about elevating our understanding of the universe. My point is that whether the universe "is a computer system" or not has no bearing on anything.

I think that it is interesting as a discussion in the same way that other meaningless topics are interesting as discussion.

: In what sense is it interesting? As a metaphor, as an explanatory device, as a predictive model? To me it smacks of hubris. It offers as much in the way of elevating our understanding of the universe as does the idea that the human brain works very much like a computer elevates our understanding of the mind!

: : It's an interesting idea. I've never thought about it too much, mainly because I ask myself: "Does it make any difference?"

: :
: : : from eldras:

: : : It isn't a new idea, just new to me.
: : : It's being debated on kutzweilai.net mindx.

: : : But as i'm designing a brain myslef, and studying a closed sysytems, i probably HAVE failed to state things i guess I thought obvious, but aren't.

: : : 1. The universe follows laws. Nowhere in the universe is this untrue. Black holes are largely unknown, but they still have symmetry & predictability.

: : : 2. All systems in the universe are predictable and most are similar.

: : : Drat I do find this obvious.

: : : 3. Cause & effect are absolute. Quantum mechanics has been returned to deterministic principles by the many worlds theory explanation of collapse or split of the universal wavelength.

: : : 4. There are heirachies, systems and sub systems.

: : : 5. There are cycles.

: : : 6. There is mutation/evolution and we can create this in artificial software ponds see the link then look ar Darwin Pond in the list.

: : :
: : : What's happening there is bots are created on software and programmed to cross-breed for characteristics you define.

: : : But another way of stating this is not that there is a purpose, but that it just happens.

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