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Re: The universe as a computer system

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Posted by Lycinus on Wednesday, November 06, 2002 at 00:05:23 :

In Reply to: The universe as a computer system posted by ELDRAS on Tuesday, November 05, 2002 at 03:04:50 :

Is it the universe that resembles the computer or does the computer resemble the universe. After all we specifically designed computers to model things in the universe. And isnít one a subset of the other? I havenít checked out the discussion you mentioned Ė likely someone has already treated these points in some detail. Iíll go look just for grins.

: from eldras:

: It isn't a new idea, just new to me.
: It's being debated on kutzweilai.net mindx.

: But as i'm designing a brain myslef, and studying a closed sysytems, i probably HAVE failed to state things i guess I thought obvious, but aren't.

: 1. The universe follows laws. Nowhere in the universe is this untrue. Black holes are largely unknown, but they still have symmetry & predictability.

: 2. All systems in the universe are predictable and most are similar.

: Drat I do find this obvious.

: 3. Cause & effect are absolute. Quantum mechanics has been returned to deterministic principles by the many worlds theory explanation of collapse or split of the universal wavelength.

: 4. There are heirachies, systems and sub systems.

: 5. There are cycles.

: 6. There is mutation/evolution and we can create this in artificial software ponds see the link then look ar Darwin Pond in the list.

: What's happening there is bots are created on software and programmed to cross-breed for characteristics you define.

: But another way of stating this is not that there is a purpose, but that it just happens.

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