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Re: 3. What possible heirarchies of perspective are there?

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Posted by blimp on Monday, October 28, 2002 at 23:55:59 :

In Reply to: Re: 3. What possible heirarchies of perspective are there? posted by Wordsmith on Friday, October 25, 2002 at 15:49:29 :

: : define perspective: do you subjective frame of reference? why need there be hierarchies? a hierarchy is an ordering according to importance. how do we attach value to a perspective?

: Good questions all. Well, perspectives *are*
: valueble, aren't they? They have value by the very fact they exist. We'd know nothing
: without them.

: : also, W: was reading recently that the Universe before the big bang existed in 26 dimensions, then split into 2 universes, one of 4 dimensions (ours) and one of six dimensions. somewhere out there are a group of six dimensional philosophers wondering how phenomenology would work in four dimensions... :P

: How could *any* dimensions have existed "before" the BB? Dimensions exist
: in space. Both time and space came into being *with* the BB. Time and space could not have existed before they existed.

: Wordsmith :)

Time and Space "as we know them" were born at the BB but there had to be something before the BB in order for there to have been a BB ie, something to BANG! But yes, I expressed it poorly. The book was on String Theory and one idea was that time and space were folded in on themselves in 26 dimensions at t0... etc.

Also, simply because perspectives may be "necessary" does not necessarily make them "valuable" in the sense that one can be placed above another (as is implied in any hierarchy). Besides, a hierarchy is already a form of "perspective" - an ordering according to perceived value/importance.

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