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The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.Camus
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Posted by Hard Truths on Monday, October 28, 2002 at 21:11:46 :

The federal government of the USA is evil. It oppresses its own citizens as well as the rest of the world, rewarding mindless greed and arbitrarily punishing dissension. Human dignity, values - all the best things in life - mean nothing to it. Actually, more than that: the USA is actively against human dignity, strength and courage because that leads individuals (like you and me) to stand up to it, and fight back.

The other governments of the world are also, in many cases, evil. Although many are far better than the USA, some are even worse. The reason I "pick on" the USA is its huge power. It's by far the most dangerous entity on the planet today. Many of you believe that the real enemy is a "New World Government", an axis which includes USA, UK and the rest of NATO, plus others. This point is not worth quibbling about at this time; whether you label it USA or NWO it's still the greatest danger facing us today.

Given these facts, it's logical to try to destroy the USA gov't. Or, if you're a pacifist, you should fight it with any means short of violence, such as passive protest, civil disobedience, etc. Unfortunately none of these methods is likely to work. Even if you were able to nuke Washington DC you'd only piss them off - the feds would come back stronger and more oppressive than ever.

In sheer frustration violent men strike out at civilians, such as the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11, and countless incidents elsewhere in the world: Israel, etc. While I can't endorse such action (after all, I myself am an "innocent civilian") I can't condemn it either. If you truly understood how your quality of life is ruined, and your human dignity raped, by the USA gov't, you'd agree.

However nothing can help. Neither terrorism, nor voting / running for office, nor any other action in between can change the inevitable course of history. The USA gov't is far too evil and powerful, and your fellow citizens are far too stupid and brainwashed. Inevitably, this monster will grow until evryone is enslaved - then finally in sheer agony the human race will reach some horrible cataclysm, with many billions dead - a period of almost-savagery will ensue, for perhaps a hundred years - finally something new, a new social organization with some hope of success, will be born. I wish I could see that day.

And for a thousand years, the name "USA" will be synonymous with the greatest evil possible, like the name "Hitler" in our day.

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