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Re: Absolutely!!!

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Posted by blimp on Wednesday, April 02, 2003 at 00:19:01 :

In Reply to: Re: Absolutely!!! posted by Spencer on Monday, March 31, 2003 at 03:15:35 :

Spencer, I am amazed that you can be capable of such profound idiocy and still be able to use a computer.

If you seriously suggest, without a hint of irony or satire, that the US saved the world from Hitler, even though the US allowed him to dance all over Europe for nearly 2 years, despite Britain’s calls for assistance (and the British should be rightly aggrieved at your omission of their contribution), even though the US had to be dragged into WW2 not because it objected to Hitler, but because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour – then there is very little I could say which would change your mind.

And if you seriously suggest, again without a hint of irony or satire, that the US saved the world from the Soviet regime, disregarding Gorbachev, Perostroika and Glasnost, disregarding the fact that the Soviet machine was antiquated and overstretched and couldn’t feed its people or manage its territories, disregarding the democracy movements from within the Soviet Union itself – then, again, there is very little I can say which would change your mind.

You are determined to look at history and the world through the myopia of your maniacal nationalism. Are you so uncritical of your own country that you cannot even question its actions in Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan? Are you not seeing a pattern here? Who is the US trying to save from whom? Indeed, what, if anything, has ever been saved/served by the US except its own self-interest?

If you want to save something, if you want the thanks of people like me, then why don’t you get your administration to take on China over the issue of Tibet? The Chinese have invaded a sovereign nation, they have weapons of mass destruction, they are abusing human rights, they express “anti-American” sentiment…. So what are you waiting for? Or how about the conflict between Israel and Palestine? Israel has invaded sovereign territory, abused human rights, ignored numerous UN resolutions. If you put as much energy into solving this conflict as you do into creating new ones, who knows what a peaceful place the world might be. And while you’re at it, why don’t you stop US weapons manufacturers selling their “product” to third world war lords and dictators? You, yourself, admitted the US gave Saddam Hussein weapons of mass destruction. Who were you saving when you made that decision? Who is supposed to be thankful for that?

I sincerely hope that not all Americans are ignorant ideologues like yourself, Spencer. For if they are, then humanity is surely in grave peril.

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