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Jean Paul Sartre (1905 - 1980)
His Work

Wait a minute, there's a snag somewhere; something disagreeable. Why, now, should it be disagreeable?...Ah,I see; it's life without a break. (Jean Paul Sartre - huis clos)
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Les Mots (1963; Words, 1964)
La Nausée (1938; Nausea, 1949)
L'Imagination (1936; Imagination: A Psychological Critique, 1962)
Esquisse d'une théorie des émotions (1939; Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions, 1962)
L'Imaginaire: Psychologie phénoménologique de l'imagination (1940; The Psychology of Imagination, 1950)
L'Être et le néant (1943; Being and Nothingness, 1956)
L'Existentialisme est un humanisme (1946; Existentialism and Humanism, 1948)
1945 under the title Les Chemins de la liberté, L'Âge de raison (1945; The Age of Reason, 1947), Le Sursis (1945; The Reprieve, 1947), and La Mort dans l'âme (1949; Iron in the Soul, 1950; U.S. title, Troubled Sleep, 1950)
Les Mouches (produced 1943; The Flies, 1946)
Huis-clos (1944; In Camera, 1946; U.S. title, No Exit, 1946)
Les Mains sales (1948; Crime passionel, 1949; U.S. title, Dirty Hands, 1949; acting version, Red Gloves)
Le Diable et le bon dieu (1951; Lucifer and the Lord, 1953)
Nekrassov (1955)
Les Séquestrés d'Altona (1959; Loser Wins, 1959; U.S. title, The Condemned of Altona, 1960)
Baudelaire (1947)
Saint Genet, comédien et martyr (1952; Saint Genet, Actor and Martyr, 1963)
Flaubert. Two volumes with a total of some 2,130 pages appeared in the spring of 1971

Additional reading

Kenneth Thompson and Margaret Thompson, Sartre: Life and Works (1984)
Ronald Hayman, Sartre (1987, reissued 1992)
John Gerassi, Jean-Paul Sartre: Hated Conscience of His Century (1989– )
Kate Fullbrook and Edward Fullbrook, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre: The Remaking of a Twentieth-Century Legend (1993).

Critical works on Sartre
Iris Murdoch, Sartre: Romantic Rationalist (1953, reissued 1989)
Maurice William Cranston, Sartre (1962, reissued 1970)
Norman N. Greene, Jean-Paul Sartre: The Existentialist Ethic (1960, reprinted 1980)
R.D. Laing and D.G. Cooper, Reason & Violence: A Decade of Sartre's Philosophy, 1950–1960 (1964)
Philip Thody, Jean-Paul Sartre: A Literary and Political Study (1960)
and Jean-Paul Sartre (1992), on his novels
Michel Contat and Michel Rybalka (compilers), The Writings of Jean-Paul Sartre, 2 vol. (1974; originally published in French, 1970)
Joseph H. McMahon, Humans Being: The World of Jean-Paul Sartre (1971)
Dominick La Capra, A Preface to Sartre (1978)
Thomas C. Anderson, The Foundation and Structure of Sartrean Ethics (1979)
and Sartre's Two Ethics: From Authenticity to Integral Humanity (1993)
Hugh J. Silverman and Frederick A. Elliston (eds.), Jean-Paul Sartre: Contemporary Approaches to His Philosophy (1980)
Michael Scriven, Sartre's Existential Biographies (1984)
David Detmer, Freedom as a Value: A Critique of the Ethical Theory of Jean-Paul Sartre (1988).

Ce qu'on fait n'est jamais compris mais seulement loué ou blâmé. Nietzsche, Gay Science

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