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Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)
A sublime one saw I today, a solemn one, a penitent of the spirit: Oh, how my soul laughed at his ugliness! (thus spake zarathustra)


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- Thus spake Zarathustra
- why am I so clever
- the problem of socrates
- the "improvers" of mankind
- gay science section 109
- an den Mistral
- Im Suden
- Idyllen aus Messina

1844 October 15. Borns Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.parents: Karl Ludwig Nietzsche and Franziska Nietzsche.
1846 July 10. Elisabeth Nietzsche born.
1849 July 30. Karl Ludwig Nietzsche dies.
1858 Nietzsche begins school at Pforta.
1867 October: Nietzsche enlisted in Artillery regiment stationed in Naumburg.
1868 October: Discharged from Army.
1869 January: Nietzsche appointed as professor at Basel University.
Becomes Swiss citizen and settles in Basel. May: First meeting with Richard Wagner at Tribschen.
1871 January: Nietzsche applies for chair of philosophy at Basel.
1872 November: Visit with the Wagners in Strasbourg.
1873 May: Nietzsche begins to have eye trouble. Lectures without notes.
July: Dictates "On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense"
1874 March-September: Works on Schopenhauer as Educator (Untimely Meditations III)
1875 March: "We Philologists"
December: Nietzsche collapses Chirstmas day.
1876 January: Nietzsche released from teaching at Paedagogium.
February: Nietzsche stops teaching at University.
April: Visit to Geneva. Proposes to Mathilde Trampedach. Finishes work on Wagner essay.
July: Nietzsche visits Beyreuth festival.August. Begins work on "Human, All Too Human". Back to Bayreuth. Travel with Paul Ree.
October: Ree and nietzsche stay in Sorrento with Malwida von Meysenbug.
November: Nietzsche's final meeting with Wagner in Sorrento.
1877 June-August: Nietzsche works on "Human,All Too Human" and denies allegiance to Schopenhauer.
September: Returns to Basel to finish "Human, All Too Human".
1878 August-September: Nietzsche falls ill. Wagner attacks Nietzsche in the *Bayreuther Blaetter*.
1879 January: Nietzsche's illness worsens.
May: Nietzsche resigns from the university.
June: he goes live in St. Moritz.
1880 January-November: Nietzsche works on "The Dawn", he dictates it to Peter Gast
1881 February: "The Dawn" completed and sent to Gast .
July: Nietzsche goes to Sils Maria.
August:Nietzsche starts with the ideas for "Zarathustra" and the conception of the eternal return. Material originally intended for "The Dawn" is developed into "The Gay Science".
1882 February to march:the four books of "The Gay Science" completed.Paul Ree arrives in Genoa.
May: Meets Lou Salome in Rome.
August: Lou comes to Tautenburg.
September: Lou goes with Ree, Nietzsche plans for the three of them to live togethr in Paris. October: Lou,Ree,and Nietzsche stay in Leipzig together.
Novemeber: Lou and Ree leave Nietzsche.
1883 January. "Zarathustra" Book 1 written.
February: Wagner dies.
October: Nietzsche settles in Nice for the winter.
1884 January: "Zarathustra" Book 2 finished.
July: Nietzsche to Sils Maria to work on "Zarathustra" Book 3.
1885 May: Elisabeth Marries Bernhard Foerster.
June: Nietzsche begins "Beyond Good and Evil"
1886 January: Nietzsche completes "Beyond Good and Evil".
February: Elisabeth and Bernhard leave for Paraguay.Nietzsche did not accep their invitationto join them.
August: "Beyond Good and Evil" published.October. Nietzsche writes fifth book of "The Gay Science".
1887 April-May: Travels in Cannobio,Zurich,and Chur.
June: Nietzsche to Sils Maria. Works on "The Genealogy of Morals".
1888 April: Nietzsche moves to Turin.May. Begins work on "The Wagner Case".June. Leaves for Sils Maria. Begins "Twilight of the Idols".
September. Finishes "The Wagner Case" and begins work on "The Antichrist".
October: begins "Ecce Homo".
1889 January: Nietzsche collapses in the street in Turin. Overbeck comes to Turin to escort Nietzsche back to Basel, where he undergoes treatment.
January: Nietzsche's mother arrives in Basel. Nietzsche travels to Jena for treatment.
June: Bernhard Foerster commits suicide.
1893 September: Elisabeth returns from Paraguay and begins work on the Nietzsche Archive.
1895 December: Nietzsche's mother signs a document surrendering all rights to Nietzsche work, opening the way for Elisabeth Nietzsche to gain complete control over Nietzsche's works.
1900 August 25. Nietzsche dies.

Ce qu'on fait n'est jamais compris mais seulement loué ou blâmé. Nietzsche, Gay Science

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