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- Existentialism and Human Emotions Jean-Paul Sartre
-Marjorie Grene
Introduction to Existentialism
- Walter Kaufmann
From Shakespeare to Existentialism

-Martin Heidegger,
Being and Time (Sein und Zeit, 1927)


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Albert Camus (1913 - 1960)
Art does not tolerate reason
Albert Camus

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the myth of sysyphus
Back Again To Myself
The Blood of Freedom
- Neither victims nor executioners
- The Night of Truth


Katharena Eiermann's Camus homepage
"The Absurd Hero" by Bob Lane
De existentialisten: Albert Camus
Summary of and commentary on The Plague
"The Artist in the Midst of the Absurd: Albert Camus and Creative Responsibility
A short essay on The Plague
Article on Le premier homme
"Finding Patterns in Hemingway and Camus: Construction of Meaning and Truth" by Robert D. Lane and Steven M. Lane
Book Cover for L'étranger
Albert Camus: The Stranger
Existentialism and Albert Camus
Albert Camus Critical Interpretation Homepage
Albert Camus Photo Gallery
Camus' The Stranger
Caligula: A Play By Albert Camus
The First Man Discussion Guide
Selective Bibliography of Recent Studies on Albert Camus
Existentialism: Albert Camus
The Stranger Review Questions
New York Times article on the Americanization of the Stranger
New York Times article on The First Man
Electronic Telegraph article comparing Camus and Orwell


Ce qu'on fait n'est jamais compris mais seulement loué ou blâmé. Nietzsche, Gay Science

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