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Woody Allen (1935)
I love the rain, It washes the memories off the sidewalk of life
(Play it agqain,Sam)
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You think you're God! (audio)

On why is Woody Allen between the existentialists,or what does frustration has to do with choice.

Woody Allen ,the filmmaker, the god of frustration,and psychoanalysis.His films are made to remember our everyday life,this man trapped between nightmares and fear.What is there between Central Park and Soho is this man moving and silently screaming between skycreepers and loneliness.Never being an existentialist,his solutions are similar to the sartrian sensation of overcoming nausea.They last for a moment,a man born from its ashes that finally liberates from the weight of the world,but still inside of the self in the empty world of his limits.But a brand new man.
A civilization called mankind,evolving into science,and dealing with marital arguments and anorgasmia,and the terrible fear of a death that instead of inmortality might bring nothingness.Left to 5th Av Homo Sapiens, all the learnings he needs to become the enemy of the "other" ,that ghost present inside of the sweetests dreams and the routine words,that other that is what the world become when it is not me,in spite of my will.Subtile judgement, is made to society,but never from a superhero moral,but as a part of it,a poluted and ill running to catch another place where to go.God is rejected and accepted every single hourin a circular search that leads to frustration,frustration later argued with an analyst and later with a wife,and later with a lover,to start again the god question,to go bak to the analyst,to fall in someone else's arms, to feel decieved and search for god.To find what?A question that sounds like why do I keep doing this to myself.And the possible answer to it:because I cannot become but what I made of myself and what I made for the other.







Ce qu'on fait n'est jamais compris mais seulement loué ou blâmé. Nietzsche, Gay Science

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