You who never arrived...a review on rilke's situation

the mirror game,the seek for god or the other is a constant in rilke's work.Me the far off is also a synonym to God,and to Rodin too,whom rilke thought as his friend,his other.

I am the seeker,and there is no place to be found,to be passive in the sence of becoming someone else's object.

This who never arrived,could be the beloved,or the hidden being,the waiting that reminds me of myself.

The passive voice in rilke is an imagination of the self in the place of his desire,and this what I am the far off that is also out of seek,is the one that departed,from the inner point,to a deeper inner point,to the space where everything is only a desire,a path to,the sign of an interseccion between what is and what is longed.

He said,"they are like the wind that passes through the branches and say my tree."

this sentence,in which rilke becomes god's friend,a,consolation for the being that is lost and sad in his omniscient existence,there,rilke places himself,and shares that isolation of the one who knows.

Rilke too,passes by,and has no shelter but the mob that grieves,and this impossition of solitude is the reaction against the possibility of being found.

What other thing could one love,but the idea of someone that exists but is unseen,that does not appear and eventhough could be near,could be echoing btween the walls that surround us,or filling with steps the path that we walk down every day.

Not an abitious desire,but a close and intimate recognition that my situation is not beyond myself,but inside of what emerges from the near.

And desperation appears when this what is so near though sepparate,is given up and one surrenders to reality.

cIndira Montoya 1997-1999